Steve BOSSE (Volume 1)

автор | 17 сентября, 2009
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Steve BOSSE (Volume 1).  2003—2007. Продолжительность: 2 часа 3 минуты.

Драки в канадских профессиональных хоккейных лигах LNAH, LHSPAA. Плюс 1 долгий бой на ринге в классификации MMA — это одна из разновидностей «боев без правил».

Steve BOSSE (Volume 1)

Steve BOSSE (Volume 1)Steve BOSSE (Volume 1)

Jon Mirasty — Steve Bosse = одно из ярчайших противостояний постоянных оппонентов в LNAH, «суперхлестунов». Примечательный факт: Мирасти и Боссэ помимо работы в профессиональном хоккее еще участвуют в боях без правил — миксфайте и восьмиугольнике соответственнно! Причем феноменальный уникум Боссэ делает это не только в хоккейное межсезонье, но и в период с осени до весны — то есть, иногда даже по ходу очередного хоккейного сезона!
Steve «The boss» Bosse (born July 29, 1981) is a French Canadian mixed martial artist. The very popular Steve Bosse who made his mark by becoming the man-strong of the North American Hockey League (LNAH). He began his training in mixed martial arts with Mark Colangelo (purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu Renzo Gracie) and with Stephane Dube (a martial arts legend in Quebec). «I take each minute of training, I love it!» said Steve Bosse with a lot of enthusiasm. «It's important for me to prove to everyone that I am serious with my career in mixed martial arts. I am dedicated to 100% and I want to become a champion. My hockey season is not over yet, but I will train four times a week with Stephane Dube and Mark Colangelo in addition to one or two sessions a week with Patrick Cote».

Strike box / Titans Fighting controversy

On February 6, 2009, Bosse fought James Thompson at Strike Box/Titans Fighting's inaugural event in Quebec, Canada. The event was originally scheduled to be conducted under Strike Box's own rules where only boxing, takedowns and standing submissions were allowed, but the rules were not accepted by the province's athletic commission in time for the event. It was therefore instead conducted under MMA rules. Before the event some fighters agreed to fight under Strike Box's proposed rules as a gentleman's agreement, though the referee in charge would not have any choice but to allow ground fighting were it to happen. Thompson, who later claimed to be unaware of the agreement, proceed to take down, mount and ground and pound Bosse — as allowed under MMA rules — after Bosse went for a standing guillotine choke at the start of the fight. This caused the attending audience to boo Thompson and the referee, unaware of that the fight was technically conducted under MMA rules. Beer cans and eventually chairs were then thrown into the ring, prompting referee Yves Lavigne to stop the match declaring it a no contest.

Mixed martial arts record  (fight card of Steve Bosse in MMA):
Professional record breakdown

Date           Result        Opponent                    Event                        Method              Round   Time    Location
30/05/2009      Win     Yann Pellerin (Canada)        Ring Side — The Comeback          TKO (Referee stoppage)  1    0:45       Montreal
03/10/2008         Win     Sebastien Gauthier (Canada)   TKO 35 Quenneville VS Hioki    TKO (Punches)              1       3:59       Montreal
07/06/2008         Win     Wes Sims (USA)                TKO 34 Sims VS Bosse          Submission (Ankle Lock)     1       3:05       Montreal
14/12/2007         Loss     Icho Larenas (Canada)          TKO 31 Young Guns              TKO (Punches)           3       2:31       Montreal
28/09/2007         Win     Jody Burke (Canada)              TKO 30 — Apocalypse              TKO (Punches)              1       1:20       Montreal
01/06/2007         Win     David Fraser (Canada)           TKO 29 — Repercussion          TKO (Punches)              1       2:02       Montreal