Roman VOPAT + Sami HELENIUS + Jarkko RUUTU

автор | 17 сентября, 2009
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Roman VOPAT + Sami HELENIUS + Jarkko RUUTU.  Продолжительность: 1 час 50 минут.

Roman VOPAT + Sami HELENIUS + Jarkko RUUTU

Roman VOPAT + Sami HELENIUS + Jarkko RUUTURoman VOPAT + Sami HELENIUS + Jarkko RUUTU

Roman Vopat — Mike Yeo PHX — HOU (IHL) 1.
Tim Hunter cross-checks Roman Vopat STL — VAN  (Vopat goes to hit Hunter along the boards near the Blues bench. Hunter gets his stick up and gets Vopat in the mouth, Vopat goes down. Match-penalty for Hunter. A fair mount of blood on the ice)
Derek Wood — Roman Vopat LET — MJ (WHL)
Sven Butenschon — Roman Vopat BRA — PA (WHL) 1.
Sven Butenschon — Roman Vopat BRA — PA (WHL) 2.
Roman Vopat — Stephane Matteau STL — NYR  (Vopat was pretty much holding on, Matteau landed all the punches. First fight of 19-years old Vopat in official NHL games)
Roman Vopat — Jassen Cullimore STL — VAN  (Cullimore landed a right which knocked Vopat's helmet off, Vopat was just holding on. Then Cullimore got his right hand free and pounded Vopat to the ice. Vopat was cut again, he probably shouldn't have fought after taking that cross-check to the mouth, but he did and got pounded)
Roman Vopat — Mike Yeo PHX — HOU (IHL) 2.  (they go behind Houston goal. Vopat throws some rights with a few landing to the side of Yeo's head/helmet. Yeo answers and lands a left, then they wrestle, Yeo grabs Vopat's leg and takes him down. Edge Vopat for landing more)
Roman Vopat — Ken Sabourin PHX — MIL (IHL)
Roman Vopat — Scott Walker LA — VAN 1.  (Great fight! Starts in front of VAN goal. Ian Laperriere is stopped by Corey Hirsch and afterwards, Roman Vopat and Scott Walker meet in front of the net. They bump into each other and then Walker lands gloved punch to the face of Vopat. Vopat throws off the gloves and Walker quickly gets rid of his as well. They get a grip of each other with the left and Walker immediately starts trying to get his right out of his jersey. Vopat throws five rights in a row as Walker keeps his head down. Vopat lands two but they are not very effective. Then Walker gets his right out of his jersey and misses a right as Vopat misses a right. Vopat misses a right while Walker misses a right and keeps his head down. Vopat loses his grip of Walker and gets turned around. Walker lands right and Vopat gets his grip of Walker back but Walker lands two rights, one knocking off Vopat's helmet. Walker misses a right and Vopat gets himself set again. They then start to spin around. Vopat lands a right as Walker misses a right. Walker misses a right as Vopat connects with another right. Then Walker ducks out of his jersey and lands a big right, jarring Vopat. Walker lands a right and then connects with another big right while Vopat misses a right. Vopat puts his head down and Walker lands two rights. Walker throws three rights and connects with two on Vopat who keeps his head down and stays idle. Walker throws two rights and lands one and then gets Vopat turned around. Walker connects on two rights and Vopat goes to the ice. A referee fast gets a grip of Walker and the tilt is finished. Good, energetic, scrap. The bigger heavyweight Vopat couldn't get much going his way and the middleweight Walker got going and really took it to Vopat who eventually went down)
Roman Vopat — Rene Corbet LA — COL 1.  (fight in the corner. They drop them, Vopat misses with a right, then lands an uppercut that puts Corbet down. Vopat lands another right on Corbet on the way down. Looked like a knockdown win for Vopat)
Roman Vopat — Dody Wood LA — SJ  (they were centers on the faceoff. Puck drops, Vopat then knocks Wood down with a cross-check and Wood doesn't like it and they drop the gloves. Wood immediately lands a right and Vopat goes down. Wood lands another right on a way down and Vopat was down and out. Kings announcer said Vopat didn't drop his gloves and it was a suckerpunch, but replay showed that he dropped the gloves before Wood clocked him. Dody Wood suckers Roman Vopat and wins by KO. Wood got match-penalty and Vopat no penalty)
Roman Vopat — Grant Ledyard LA — DAL  (they drop them, Vopat throws two rights to the back/side of the helmet. Ledyard then tackles Vopat and it's over. Nothing fight, I guess it could be a narrow win Vopat, but I don't think those couple of helmetshots were enough. Vopat maybe lands one and Ledyard quickly goes for the legs of Vopat and tackles him. It's overtime fight)
Mark Janssens — Roman Vopat ANA — LA  (They battle in front of the net and finally drop the gloves. Janssens lands one or two quick lefts at the start. Vopat starts throwing rights and they have a short exchange with Vopat clearly landing more and harder. They wrestle a bit, Vopat throws a few more rights but then he gets in a bad position and Janssens starts firing left uppercuts at Vopat. One of those punches snaps Vopat's head back and Vopat immediately goes to the ice. TKO win Janssens in a great fight, Vopat had the upper hand in the first half but Janssens came back strong and knocked him down)
Roman Vopat — Jamie Pushor LA — DET  (Vopat goes after Pushor behind the net and does all the throwing here landing couple of solid ones. Pushor doesn't throw a punch, Vopat landed 8 right hands and pushed Pushor to the ice at the end. Roman Vopat win by TKO)
Roman Vopat — Kayle Short FRE — POR (AHL)  (Vopat pounds him to the ice)
Bert Robertsson — Roman Vopat SYR — FRE (AHL)
Roman Vopat — Eric Lacroix LA — COL  (Lacroix landed the first punch that knocked Vopat's helmet off, but after that it was all Vopat. Lacroix was bent over and Vopat hammered him with about 15 unanswered punches, lot of the punches were bodyshots, but there was no question about the winner in this one. Vopat decisive win)
Chris Pronger — Roman Vopat STL — LA  (2 big boys, they start to go and Pronger takes Vopat's helmet off. They grapple and each guy throws a few rights, but the punches miss, maybe Pronger hit the back of Vopat's head with one, but that wasn't enough. Then they wrestle to the ice with Vopat on top. Draw crap fight, not many punches thrown, or Chris Pronger narrow win)
Roman Vopat — Ken Baumgartner LA — BOS  (they drop the gloves and start grappling, both throw one weak punch that doesn't land, then Baumgartner takes Vopat down and it's over)
Roman Vopat — Kyle McLaren LA — BOS  (Vopat misses with a couple, McLaren answers with a few big lefts that don't land, but he gets Vopat down and seems to land a couple while sitting on top of him, then the linesmen jump in. Edge McLaren)
Roman Vopat — Scott Walker LA — VAN 2.  (when camera gets there Vopat is already on his knees and Walker gives him a few weak rights, then the linesmen get in. Impossible to tell what happened at the beginning, if there were any punches thrown or landed, but from what could be seen it looked like a win for Walker)
Roman Vopat — Scott Walker LA — VAN 3.  (Vopat was the taller fighter which helped him land some good punches early as Walker couldn't get his arm up high enough to land with his punches. Walker though battled his way out of his jersey and pounded Vopat with one good shot to the back of the head while Vopat was bent over sending the off balance fighter to the ice. Edge to Vopat as his punches early where hard and landed flush. Walker only got one good punch at the end)
Jeff Mitchell — Roman Vopat DAL — LA  (they just wrestle for a few seconds and Vopat takes Mitchell down)
Chris Dingman — Roman Vopat CGY — LA  (scrum along the boards and these two want to go. But there is one linesman between them right away. Vopat throws one over the linesman that misses, then the other linesman gets there too and Vopat and Dingman are pulled apart. Dingman looks really pissed and wants to get back at Vopat. Unfair fight because the linesmen were interfering the whole time) +
Cale Hulse — Steve McKenna CGY — LA  (pretty long fight, but mostly just wrestling)
Roman Vopat — Rene Corbet LA — COL 2.  (Corbet doesn't do much in this fight except try to remain upright. Vopat throws a lot of right bombs to the helmet and the back of Corbet but really has a hard time connecting with anything meaningful. Corbet finally slips to the ice after Vopat throws a punch to the back of his head. Vopat pummels on Corbet with 18 punches here, dropping him with the last punch)
Nolan Pratt — Roman Vopat CAR — PHI  (at the start Vopat is firing right hands and he lands a few good ones. After that they tie up and neither guy can really land anything and the linesmen eventually step in. Win Vopat for landing a few good ones at the start, not sure if Pratt even landed anything)
Philadelphia Flyers — Calgary Flames brawl  (Eric Desjardins, Jody Hull, Petr Svoboda, John Vanbiesbrouck, Roman Vopat, Dainius Zubrus — Bob Bassen, Jean-Sebastien Giguere, Jarome Iginla, Derek Morris, Steve Smith, Jason Wiemer) +
Roman Vopat — Jarome Iginla PHI — CGY  (Vopat gets involved with goalie Giguere behind the play in the Calgary zone. Morris and Smith quickly intercede on their goaltender's behalf and a scrum develops involving multiple players on both sides. Giguere has by now pulled away from the fray and Vanbiesbrouck leaves his net to skate the length of the ice to confront him. Vanbiesbrouck gives Giguere a big shove but one of the zebras steps between them and cooler heads prevail. Meanwhile, Iginla has pulled Vopat out of the pile and they start trading punches.Vopat lands a couple of rights, ducks his head down and takes a left from Iginla before coming back to throw 4 more rights, 2 landing solidly. Iginla slips the headlock on the last punch and Vopat falls. Iginla takes advantage and lands 3 punches while Vopat is on all fours. Tough fight to score. Vopat was winning until he fell. Iginla started to land while he was on the ice and then the linesmen moved in. It being called a win for Vopat for landing the better punches or it could be argued Iginla won since the officials came in to stop it in the end)
Roman Vopat hits Ed Ward PHI — CGY
Roman Vopat — Reid Simpson PHI — CHI 1.  (Simpson throws a weak right that comes up short. Vopat fires an uppercut that misses, then lands a right to the side of the helmet. Simpson lands a right to the side of the helmet and Vopat lands a weak one on helmet as well. They grapple a bit, Simpson tries to get free, Vopat throws two rights that come up short. Simpson lands two the the side of the helmet. They wrestle, Simpson takes Vopat's helmet off, then they land one at the same time, Simpson to the back of Vopat's head, Vopat to the top of Simpson's helmet. Simpson then lands a pretty good right to the side of Vopat's head, the best punch of the fight. Vopat doesn't look interested anymore, Simpson is cocking his right hand, then it looks like Vopat bails to the ice and Simpson lands one more on Vopat before linesmen jump in. Not a great fight, but Simpson was more active, landed more, landed the best punch and the linesmen had to jump in because Vopat was in trouble at the end, Simpson with the edge here no doubt)
Roman Vopat — Reid Simpson PHI — CHI 2.  (Simpson throws the first punch that looks to make some contact, then he misses with one. Vopat throws a right that hits Simpson's helmet. Vopat with another right that misses this time, Simpson with some jersey jabs, then throws a right that misses. Vopat answers with a right that hits Simpson's helmet, then after landing that punch he falls down and Simpson lands one just before linesmen get in. Why Vopat went down in the end, but certainly he wasn't TKO'd, there wasn't a punch from Simpson, Vopat went down after landing one of his own, so maybe he hurt his hand on the helmet or something and then bailed. Vopat was woozy after the fight, looked to me his hand was hurting)
Roman Vopat — Dale Hunter PHI — WSH  (they rough it up along the boards and drop the gloves. They wrestle, Vopat lands two uppercuts and Hunter just holds on. Vopat then misses with a right and falls down with Hunter on top and linesmen get in. Crap fight but a win Vopat for landing those two uppercuts, Hunter landed nothing and just held on)
Roman Vopat — Sami Helenius PHI — TB  (They drop them in front of TB goal. Helenius starts throwing some weird looking rights, he throws about 10 in a row but it's plain as a day those punches aren't connecting, all of them are missing or coming up short. Vopat finally answers with one of his own that doesn't connect either. They get in tight now and wrestle. As they wrestle both guys land a weak noogie or two before they wrestle to the ice. Poor fight between two tough Euros, draw as only a few weak noogies landed, Helenius doesn't get the win just for swinging and missing a bunch of rights at the start)
Roman Vopat — Grant Marshall PHI — DAL  (mostly grappling in this one with Marshall landing a short right to the nose and a weak punch to the helmet. Vopat may have landed the uppercut he threw for his second punch)
Kris King — Roman Vopat TOR — PHI  (they wrestle along the boards. Vopat throws a right that looks to miss, then he lands a right to the side of King's face. King comes back with a right to the side of Vopat's helmet/head, then King lands a left to the side of helmet. King tries a right but Vopat has him tied up pretty good, Vopat goes to his knees and King throws one that misses just before the linesmen get in)
Roman Vopat — Jim Cummins PHI — PHX  (a Phoenix player was checked from behind and a mini-brawl started and these two start to go. Vopat misses with one and then he trips on a Coyotes player who is down on the ice. Cummins throws one on Vopat's back, then the linesmen jump in and Cummins throws a few suckerpunches when the linesmen are trying to pull them apart. It never really got going because Vopat tripped on a Coyotes player who was down and Cummins doesn't get credit for throwing a few suckerpunches when the linesmen were in trying to break it up)
Roman Vopat — Jamie Huscroft PHI — WSH  (WSH goalie makes a save and these two start roughing it up after a whistle. Vopat throws a gloved punch that misses, then they drop the gloves. It's all Huscroft here, Vopat gets bent over and Huscroft hammers him with about dozen unanswered lefts. Vopat ends up on his knees with his jersey over his head so the linesmen decided to jump in and save Vopat. Vopat started this and Huscroft finished this, ugly loss for Vopat and the last time he fought in the NHL)

P.J. Stock — Sami Helenius HAR — SAJ (AHL)  (embarrassing showing by Helenius, much smaller Stock switches hands and sneaks in some short punches, Helenius tries to answer but Stock ducks almost all of his punches, narrow win Stock, he definitely landed more punches but his punches were pretty weak)
Ken Belanger — Joel Bouchard STJ — SAJ (AHL) (Belanger were trying to get at Perry after a cheapshot, Bouchard happened to get in the way and Belanger pounded him. Bouchard quickly covered up and Helenius ended up scrapping against Belanger instead) +
Ken Belanger — Sami Helenius STJ — SAJ (AHL)  (Belanger was pounding Bouchard so Helenius had to step in. Belanger just pounded Helenius with hard lefts, then switches to the right. Belanger landed about 8 good punches there and Helenius wasn't even throwing. As usual Belanger got tired after throwing a lot of punches early. They grappled and Helenius tried to come back but his punches were slow and weak and he only hit Belanger's helmet with 2 of them. They wrestled and linesmen stepped in. Very clear win for Belanger here, he landed plenty of good hard punches at the beginning, Helenius only landed a couple weak punches late, but good for him to step in to the rescue of a teammate)
Dody Wood — Sami Helenius KC — LV (IHL)  (they like «David and Goliath»! They drop them, Helenius throws some rights that don't land, Wood throws a couple of his own that don't seem to land either. They are against the boards now and wrestle, both maybe land one or two ineffective punches, then Helenius wrestles Wood down. Quite long fight but it was boring, nobody landed anything worth mentioning, mostly a wrestling match)
Remi Royer — Sami Helenius IND — LV (IHL)  (they square off right off the faceoff. Both start to throw some rights but the punches aren't landing. Helenius then lands a few to the back of the helmet. They wrestle and Royer answers with a right that knocks Helenius' helmet off. Some more rights from both but nothing lands. Royer switches to the left throws a couple that don't seem to land. Helenius still throwing rights and maybe hits the helmet with one. They grapple and both look tired now. Royer then with a flurry of rights but hard to see how many of them connect. Helenius with a few weak lefts that come up short, Royer with a right that might have landed, they grapple and linesmen finally get in. Long fight, about 1 minute)
Jason MacDonald — Sami Helenius MAN — LV (IHL)  (they push and shove and the gloves come off. MacDonald immediately gets almost turned around, Helenius lands 3 rights to the back of his head and takes him down. Very quick fight, only lasted a few seconds, one-sided win for Helenius)
David Mackey — Sami Helenius ORL — LV (IHL)  (1 minute and 20 seconds. They square off, then grab each other with their lefts. Helenius misses with 3 weak rights. Mackey cocking his right hand, then throws a few but nothing lands. Helenius answers and might have landed 1 or 2 on the helmet. They get in tight and wrestle for quite a while. Mackey tries to throw a couple weak rights, Mackey then with a couple more weak shots to the body and one to the helmet. Helenius misses with a left, then lands a short left to the side of Mackey's head/helmet. Mackey with a weak right to the helmet. They grapple, Mackey misses a couple, Helenius lands a weak one. Mackey throws 2 rights just before the linesmen get in, one might have landed. Very long fight, but not very exciting, mostly wrestling, not many punches landed and no quality punches landed at all)
Roman Vopat — Sami Helenius PHI — TB
Jim McKenzie — Sami Helenius ANA — COL 1.  (McKenzie is the only guy throwing, then they hug)
Dave Scatchard — Sami Helenius VAN — COL  (they drop them, quick fight, Helenius throws 2 rights that miss, then both seem to land one at the same time. Both miss with one, get in tight and Helenius wrestles Scatchard down)
COL — NYR brawl  (Adam Deadmarsh, Chris Drury, Sami Helenius, Eric Messier, Joe Sakic — Stephane Quintal, Kevin Stevens, John MacLean) +
Sami Helenius — Kevin Stevens COL — NYR  (In front of the net, they drop them, Stevens gets bent over, Helenius lands one on the helmet, rest of his punches were bodyshots, Stevens threw one but I don't think it landed. Stevens tries to tackle Helenius by grabbing his legs, but linesmen jump in. Edge Helenius but he didn't really land anything except bodypunches)
Sami Helenius — Steve McKenna COL — LA 1.  (behind the Colorado net. Giants get in tight right away, they don't even try to get loose, they're just cheek to cheek the whole time and only throw a few weak noogies before Helenius wrestles McKenna to the ice)
Sami Helenius — Andrei Nazarov COL — CGY 1.  (in the corner. Helenius throws about 6 weird looking rights that are more slaps than punches and none of those even land. Nazarov misses with one of his own. They start to spin and Nazarov lands one to the side of Helenius' helmet as they get in tight. Helenius with a couple weak lefts that come up short, they hug and linesmen get in. Helenius threw more but failed to land anything, Nazarov only landed one ineffective punch, Helenius narrow win)
Sami Helenius — Jim McKenzie COL — ANA 2.  (they go right off the faceoff. McKenzie lands about 5 at the start on Helenius' helmet, Helenius misses with a couple weak rights. McKenzie lands a few rights, Helenius pushes him against the boards. Helenius tries a couple weak lefts, McKenzie starts peppering him with a bunch of rights and Helenius is just holding on trying to not get his ass kicked too bad. Luckily for him McKenzie just stops throwing and linesmen get in. Easy win McKenzie, he landed plenty, no big bombs but still a very clear win for McKenzie, Helenius basically just held on and didn't land a punch)
Sami Helenius — Louie DeBrusk COL — PHX  (they go off the faceoff. They wrestle, DeBrusk lands a hard right to the side of Helenius' face, then he lands two more rights to the side of Helenius' face. More wrestling, Helenius tries to get his right hand free but DeBrusk is a very strong guy and has Helenius tied up well and Helenius can't get anything going. DeBrusk sneaks in 4 more rights to the face. Wrestling again, Helenius still can't get his hand free. DeBrusk lands a weak right, Helenius tries to get his left hand free this time and then they both seem to land a nice left at the same time. After that DeBrusk sneaks in another left to Helenius' face, they hug and linesmen get in. Lot of grappling in this one, but DeBrusk got in some good shots so it was a decent fight, as expected it was a clear win for veteran DeBrusk who outlanded Helenius about 9-1 here)
Sami Helenius — Brad May DAL — PHX 1.  (almost)
Sami Helenius — Brad May DAL — PHX 2.  (Helenius starts the fight with rights, while using his reach to keep May in distance. May gets closer as he fires some rapid rights on the helmet. Helenius uses his strength to get May down to his knees, but the linesmen quickly intervene and nothing happens)
Sami Helenius — Ryan Vandenbussche DAL — CHI  1.  (it starts in front of the net, as Belfour makes a save, Helenius pushes Vandy to the ice. Vandy gets straight up, they stare at each other and drop the gloves. They both start throwing wildly. They are going toe-to-toe as Sami is throwing with his right and Vandy with his left. Sami lands almost every one of his punches, as Vandy's punches don't reach Helenius, maybe few of them landing on Sami's chest. Helenius lands about 10 rights, and Vandy is down. Helenius falls on him, linesmen separate them and Sami is high fiving some fans on his way out. This is a great example of a TKO)
Sami Helenius — Steve McKenna DAL — PIT 2.  (McKenna landed one or two while Helenius missed with his punches. Then they tumbled to the ice)
Andrei Nazarov — Sami Helenius BOS — DAL 2.  (both threw some rights, but neither really landed anything. Then they went down with Helenius on top)
Sami Helenius — Jason Strudwick DAL — VAN
Brad May — Sami Helenius PHX — DAL 3.
Sylvain Blouin — Sami Helenius MIN — DAL
Sami Helenius — Georges Laraque DAL — EDM  (Laraque gets Helenius bent down and lands some to the top of the head. Helenius pulls his head up and takes some more right crosses. Helenius ducks down takes two rights the second being a bomb that made Helenius pull his head up. Laraque then landed some short lefts and wrestled Helenius over. Laraque then pulled the jersey over and had Helenius bent over where he continued to pound him with rights to the top of the head. Laraque finished throwing uppercuts as Helenius was still bent over. Helenius then tried to pull out but Laraque pulled him back which caused Helenius to go down to the ice. Decisive win as Laraque hammered Helenius for the whole fight Helenius did not land a single punch and didn't look to throw any)
Scott Hartnell — Sami Helenius NSH — DAL  (they drop the gloves on the center ice, and square off. Hartnell lands the first punch, Helenius answers but i'm not sure if that punch even landed, if it did it hit the top of the helmet, anyway Hartnell lost his balance and Helenius landed one or two on the ice, narrow or clear win Helenius against the 18 year old Hartnell)
Eric Boulton — Sami Helenius BUF — DAL  (Boulton gives a little push to Helenius from behind. Nothing special, but its enough to cause him to fall down. Boulton waits for Helenius and they decided to drop their gloves. As they square off, they decided to take their helmets off. Big mistake. The linesmen immediately jumps in and ruins the fun. Helenius was able to throw three harmless shots at Boulton, but that was all. Unfair fight, as the refs were between these two all the time)
Ryan Vandenbussche — Sami Helenius CHI — DAL  2.  (Vandenbussche lands a few big lefts and stuns Helenius)
Sami Helenius — Nathan Perrott DAL — CHI  (Perrott landed noogies, Helenius wrestled him down)
Sami Helenius — Ty Jones DAL — CHI
Richard Scott — Sami Helenius NYR — DAL  (both throw rights and it's a question of who gets one in first. Helenius does, but it just about clips Scott without putting him off in the least. He goes on to land a very good one that visibly shakes Helenius. However, Helenius takes it bravely, ties up Scott pretty well and even attempts a few swings a bit later. The refs move in at this point)
Scott Mellanby — Sami Helenius STL — DAL
Reed Low — Sami Helenius STL — DAL  (Helenius threw a few rights early, then he was just holding on and Low fed him with some lefts. Pretty one-sided go and good win for Low)
Jody Shelley — Sami Helenius CBJ — DAL  (they were at arms length, each holding the other guy off with left hand. Helenius threw some weak left jabs while holding Shelley from the collar. They threw a few rights that didn't seem to connect. Shelley had his right hand cocked and then they started going toe to toe with rights. Shelley got the better shots in and Helenius got stunned. He stopped throwing and started to hold on, but Shelley kept pounding his head. Then they wrestled and Shelley wrestled Helenius down)
Ben Clymer — Sami Helenius TB — DAL  (Helenius lands a decent right, Clymer holds on, Helenius throws some more rights that all miss. Both land one, Clymer starts holding on again and linesmen step in)
Andrei Nazarov — Sami Helenius PHX — CHI 3.  (Helenius clear win)
Sami Helenius — Steve McKenna CHI — PIT 3.  (giants hugging and dancing)

Mike Hurlbut — Jarkko Ruutu ROC — SYR (AHL)  (Hurlbut goes after Ruutu and gloves come off. Ruutu just holds on the entire time, Hurlbut is the only one to throw anything, but he only manages to land a few pillow punches to the back of head/helmet. At one point when Hurlbut was trying to take Ruutu's helmet off Ruutu headbutted him, what a prick. This was a draw in a shit fight, a wrestling match where Hurlbut landed a few weak shots which weren't enough to give him the win)
Jarkko Ruutu — Dean Melanson SYR — PHI (AHL)  (scrum in front of the goal, Ruutu gets paired with Melanson. Melanson wants to go, drops his gloves, Ruutu doesn't but Melanson starts feeding him with lefts anyway. Ruutu quickly goes down and turtles, Melanson gives him one more for good measure when linesman jumps in)
Jarkko Ruutu — Tyler Bouck KC — UTA (IHL)  (Bouck wants to go and he drops his gloves and grabs Ruutu. Ruutu keeps his right glove on and has a stick in his hand, looks like he's not gonna go. Bouck is standing there waiting for Ruutu to drop his glove, suddenly Ruutu drops his right glove and tries to surprise Bouck with a suckerpunch, but the punch doesn't connect. After that cheap move Ruutu just starts to hold on, Bouck throws some rights but can't land anything except bodyshots. They wrestle, Ruutu throws a short left that might have landed, not sure. They continue wrestling and the linesmen decide to step in. Draw in a shit fight, it was more wrestling)
Rick Berry — Jarkko Ruutu COL — VAN  (starts behind the play. Berry gets his right hand free and lands a few nice ones on Ruutu's head/helmet. Ruutu tries to answer, but misses, then misses with another and goes down to his knees for a moment. He gets back up only to eat some more big rights from Berry. Then they wrestle and linesmen jump in. Nice to see Ruutu get hammered, he only threw a few and didn't land a single punch while Berry landed about 10, most of those shots hit helmet but he also landed a few on Ruutu's face. One sided fight and an easy win for Berry. First NHL fight for extreme hitter Jarkko Ruutu)
Jarkko Ruutu hits Mike Grier, Jarkko Ruutu — Jason Smith VAN — EDM  (Ruutu hits Grier along the boards and Grier goes down. Smith goes after Ruutu, drops his gloves, Ruutu the punk he is doesn't drop them, Smith doesn't care and pops Ruutu with a right hand to the face and Ruutu goes down and covers up, everybody then pile in. Ruutu was cut and had to go for repairs. Good job by Smith sticking up for his teammate and make that punk Ruutu pay)
Willie Mitchell — Jarkko Ruutu MIN — VAN  (at center ice. Mostly wrestling, Mitchell landed more but nobody landed a good punch and the punches that landed only hit helmet. Willie Mitchell narrow win)
Jarkko Ruutu — Rob Niedermayer VAN — CGY  (Niedermayer gets locked out early and can't reach Ruutu to land a punch. Ruutu lands a few glancing blows early but scores with a big right hand late in the fight before they wrestle to the ice)
Scott Hannan — Jarkko Ruutu SJ — VAN 1.  (Ruutu may be a good hitter, but he's not super fighter. Knowing this, he doesn't even try to throw a punch. He isn't an expert at tying people up either. Hannan has all the time in the world to take off his lid, then free up his left arm and start throwing. It becomes apparent at this point that Ruutu isn't a good ducker either. Seeing such ineptitude, the refs quickly move in to rescue him. Even Hannan doesn't mind)
Scott Hannan — Jarkko Ruutu SJ — VAN 2.  (pretty amazing comeback by Ruutu in this re-match. However, at first it looks exactly like the first fight between the two. Although Ruutu initiates the fight and throws the first punch, Hannan quickly takes over the initiative, throws a series of rights, takes off Ruutu's lid — we've seen it all 20 minutes before. Only this time Ruutu comes up with a series of rights completely out of the blue, and this changes the whole thing. Suddenly, Hannan is no more sure of himself. Although he still takes an occasional swing, he is clearly apprehensive of what Ruutu might do. Ruutu gets bolder by the second and this time the refs rescue Hannan when they move in)
Jarkko Ruutu — Craig Rivet VAN — MTL  (good fight for Ruutu defeating a quality opponent in Rivet. He lands the rights on Rivet including a good one that seemed to stun him just before he put him down with another. Surprisingly good sportsmanship as he just stays back after dropping Rivet)
Reid Simpson — Jarkko Ruutu NSH — VAN  (Simpson outlands Ruutu here by a lot. He lands a couple heavy punches in this lopsided fight until the linesmen come in. Pretty funny stuff after this fight, the linesmen have to tackle Simpson to keep him from continuing this altercation)
Ethan Moreau goes after Jarkko Ruutu VAN — EDM
Jarkko Ruutu — Mike Grier VAN — WSH  (Ruutu has Grier head down Grier still throw them and lands them. Greir knocks Ruutu against the boards but soon after Ruutu decided back up. Greir obvisouly cant see Ruutu and is missing Ruutu gives Greir two and Greir goes down)
Jarkko Ruutu — David Ling VAN — CBJ 1.
Rob Blake — Jarkko Ruutu COL — VAN
Dmitry Kalinin — Jarkko Ruutu BUF — VAN
Jarkko Ruutu — David Ling VAN — CBJ 2.
Scott Hannan — Jarkko Ruutu SJ — VAN 3.  clip
Rob DiMaio — Jarkko Ruutu DAL — VAN  (DiMaio does good job switching hands and he surprises Ruutu with some nice lefts. Ruutu gets in a couple of his own but DiMaio clearly lands more and gets a clear win in this one. Good to see much smaller veteran player beating the biggest prick in NHL)
Jarkko Ruutu — Sergei Zholtok VAN — MIN  (the only fight Zholtok has been involved in before took place several years ago while Ruutu in his short career has already notched up 13. It shows as Zholtok doesn't know what to do. I'm not even sure he knows that you're supposed to punch in a fight because he never does. After the gloves are dropped, there is some bizarre pushing match going on for a while. Then Ruutu finally starts punching. His straight right takes off Zholtok's helmet and Ruutu then adds a good left on the jaw. Zholtok's attempts to tie up Ruutu look something between poor and pathetic, that's why Ruutu's punches connect cleanly. Zholtok then tries a couple of other ways to avoid been hit and it works better for him. Finally, he makes his best move of the fight, turning away from Ruutu. This does stop the fight but not before Ruutu smacks him on the back of the head. Half-serious, half-comical, this fight is entertaining just because it's unusual)
Jarkko Ruutu — Fernando Pisani VAN — EDM  (being a pest hockey player means that you have to learn how to fight, and Jarkko Ruutu has picked up some good skills already. Most importantly, he doesn't panic. While Pisani looks like a cornered wolf, Ruutu sports a trademark idiotic smile and never stops talking. After they tangle up, Pisani suddenly throws a big right that lands cleanly on the side of the head. However, Ruutu doesn't take much notice, just keeps smiling and talking. Pisani then comes up with another big right which misses and Ruutu takes over the initiative, going with his right hand. 3 of his long straight punches just about reach Pisani's head to connect. He then easily takes off Pisani's helmet which gives Pisani time to try another big right which also misses. Unlike Ruutu, Pisani panics and goes into defensive position, giving Ruutu an opportunity to punch freely. Ruutu proceeds with a series of right-handed uppercuts which would have won him the fight cleanly, but the refs jump to Pisani's rescue a bit too soon. As a result, Ruutu doesn't have time to do much damage and only gets a narrow decision)
Martin Gelinas — Jarkko Ruutu CGY — VAN  (Ruutu pastes Gelinas over the boards and Gelinas gets real hot, so hot that he will fight his corner. He is the aggressor while Ruutu is mosly busy trying to tie him up. Gelinas still clips him a few times on the head and then takes him down. While in the penalty-box the was mouthin off)
Jarkko Ruutu hi-sticks Samuel Pahlsson, Jarkko Ruutu — Mikael Holmqvist ANA — VAN  (Ruutu got his stick up on Pahlsson, non-fighter Holmqvist comes in and starts the fight, but doesn't seem to really know what he's doing. He never manages to get his left glove off. However, he does land both uppercuts that he threw, one of which was a very nice shot. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't tie up either of Ruutu's hands and Jarkko takes full advantage, feeding Holmqvist with both rights and lefts. TKO or like Holmqvist bailing out and intentionally going down because he didn't like getting punched in the face. Most unusual fight of NHL 2003-04)