IHL. Las Vegas Thunder 1998—1999 (Volume 3)

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IHL. Las Vegas Thunder 1998—1999 (Volume 3).  Продолжительность: 39 минут.

IHL. Las Vegas Thunder 1998-1999 (Volume 3)

IHL. Las Vegas Thunder 1998-1999 (Volume 3)IHL. Las Vegas Thunder 1998-1999 (Volume 3)

Rob Zettler (Utah) slashes Lee Jinman (Las Vegas)  +
Rob Zettler (Utah) — Dean Ewen (Las Vegas)  (Zettler were after Jinman a bit and Ewen decided to squareoff against Zettler. Ewen easily punishes him, linesmen jumped in too early when Zettler got a bit off-balance)

Utah — Las Vegas  brawl (Rhett Trombley, Andy Roach, Don Biggs, Dave Archibald, Rod Miller — Phil Crowe, Brad Miller, Chad Wagner, Lee Jinman, Yevgeny Shaldybin):
Rhett Trombley (Utah) — Chad Wagner (Las Vegas)  (Trombley never intended to fight back, dumb move here by Wagner. He jumps Trombley after a faceoff and gives him a few knuckles. He tried to get at Trombley after the linesmen jumped in also. Wagner was ejected with 24 PIM) +
Rod Miller (Utah) — Lee Jinman (Las Vegas)  (rough) +
Dave Archibald (Utah) — Phil Crowe (Las Vegas)  (rough) +
Rhett Trombley (Utah) — Brad Miller (Las Vegas)  (rough)

Lee Jinman (Las Vegas) boards Rob Zettler (Utah)
Rhett Trombley (Utah) — Dean Ewen (Las Vegas)  (this time Trombley wanted to go. Mostly clutching and grabbing going on for the first half. Ewen takes over easily in the end and gives it to Trombley. Rhett looked like crap in the end when he went down to his knees. Ewen decisive win)
Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas) — Jason MacDonald (Manitoba)  (45 sec. Give MacDonald credit in this game for stepping up a couple of heavyweights = Sryubko and Helenius. But Sryubko took care of him with ease. MacDonald mainly tried to stay in-close even though he tried occasionally to answer the big Ukrainian)
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas) — Jason Shmyr (Manitoba)  (1 minute 20 sec. Not that whole lot landing effectively but this wasn't a bad heavyweight tilt. Both fighters showed some technique and stamina, draw or maybe a slight edge to Ewen)
Sami Helenius (Las Vegas) — Jason MacDonald (Manitoba)  (they push and shove and the gloves come off. MacDonald immediately gets almost turned around, Helenius lands 5 strong rights to the back of his head and takes him down. Brigh fight, only lasted a few seconds, Helenius decisive win. Helenius gets 17 PIM, MacDonald gets 14 PIM)

Houston — Las Vegas  brawl (Bill Huard, Norm Maciver, Phil Valk, Travis Van Tighem, Greg Andrusak — Ryan Mulhern, Keith McCambridge, Jason McBain, Daniel Briere, Pavel Yevstigneyev):
Bill Huard (Houston) — Ryan Mulhern (Las Vegas)

Milwaukee — Las Vegas  brawl (Matt Henderson, Sergei Klimentiev, Karlis Skrastins, Mark Mowers — Dean Ewen, Brad Miller, Phil Crowe, Keith McCambridge, Jason McBain):
Mark Mowers (Milwaukee)  goal  +
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas) cross-checks Mark Mowers (Milwaukee)  +
Matt Henderson (Milwaukee) — Keith McCambridge (Las Vegas)  (Milwaukee scores a disallowed goal and McCambridge gets into it with Henderson. McCambridge throws all the punches and the refs quickly jumps in to save Henderson) +
Sergei Klimentiev (Milwaukee) — Brad Miller (Las Vegas)  (almost)

Milwaukee — Las Vegas  brawl (Karlis Skrastins, Kimmo Timonen, Doug Friedman, Jeff Daniels, Jason Cipolla — Louie DeBrusk, Brad Isbister, Keith McCambridge, Jason McBain, Sean Berens):
Kimmo Timonen (Milwaukee) — Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas)  +
Karlis Skrastins (Milwaukee) — Brad Isbister (Las Vegas)  (55 sec. Isbister dished out alot more as they danced to center ice. Skrastins mostly held on but managed to throw a couple of swings aswell, clear win for Isbister though)

Dave Chyzowski (Kansas City) — Keith McCambridge (Las Vegas)

Kansas City — Las Vegas  brawl (Dody Wood, David Ling, Steven Low, Rocky Welsing, Brian Bonin — Louie DeBrusk, Sean Berens, Trevor Roenick, Bryan Helmer, Mike Gaffney):
Steven Low (Kansas City) — Trevor Roenick (Las Vegas)  (rough) +
David Ling (Kansas City) — Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas)  (rough) +
Dody Wood (Kansas City) — Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas)  (1 minute 15 sec.)

Bruce Ramsay (Grand Rapids) — Brad Miller (Las Vegas)

Las Vegas — Houston  scrum (Louie DeBrusk, Dean Ewen, Keith McCambridge, Jason McBain, Scott Drevitch — Sven Butenschon, Bill Huard, Zac Boyer, Gord Kruppke, Brian Wiseman):
Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas) suckers Gord Kruppke (Houston)  +
Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas) — Rob Valicevic/Sven Butenschon (Houston)  (rough) +
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas) — Sven Butenschon (Houston)  (rough) +
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas) — Rob Valicevic (Houston)  (rough)

Mario Larocque (Cleveland) hits Bob Quinnell (Las Vegas)  (Quinnell falls down, medical coach goes him off the ice to the medical stuff. Larocque gets match-penalty)

Las Vegas — Houston  brawl (Louie DeBrusk, Dean Ewen, Keith McCambridge, Taj Melson, Scott Drevitch — Brent Hughes, Sven Butenschon, Rob Valicevic, Trent Cull, Mark Lamb):
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas) suckers Brent Hughes (Houston)  +
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas) — Sven Butenschon (Houston)  +
Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas) -  Mark Lamb (Houston)  (almost) +
Keith McCambridge (Las Vegas) -  Rob Valicevic (Houston)  +
Taj Melson (Las Vegas) — Brent Hughes (Houston)  (almost) +
Scott Drevitch (Las Vegas) — Trent Cull (Houston)  (almost)

Mike Ruark (Manitoba) — Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas)  (they pushed and shoved in the midst of a scrum and the gloves came off. DeBrusk played this one perfectly, Ruark never got free while Louie tagged him with both lefts and rights. He didn't seem to inflict any greater deal of damage but had this one under full control. DeBrusk clear win)
Jason Shmyr (Manitoba) — Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas)  (55 sec. 12:23 thrown punches. Long good bout. Sryubko had the very slight edge for the first half while Shmyr landed a few more late. Most of Sryubko punches not effective. Draw or Sryubko narrow win)

Long Beach — Las Vegas  scrum (Doug Ast, Mike Matteucci, Chris Kenady, Darryl Williams, Mark Ferner — Patrice Lefebvre, Taj Melson, Nick Naumenko, Sean Berens, Mark Giannetti):
Doug Ast (Long Beach) — Patrice Lefebvre (Las Vegas)  (rough) +
Doug Ast (Long Beach) — Taj Melson (Las Vegas)  (rough)

Jason Shmyr (Manitoba) — Sami Helenius (Las Vegas)  (1 minute 10 sec. Off the faceoff in the Thunder end they went. Very long tussle, Helenius a bit more active early on but shows some horrible accuracy with his punches and only hits air. Shmyr pushed Helenius up against the boards and landed a few heavy blows. Helenius recovered and came back until the zebras jumped in between. Helenius narrow win)
Funny moments
Marc Moro (Milwaukee) — Dean Ewen (Las Vegas)  (Las Vegas scores a goal and Moro squares off with Ewen as the others celebrates. Looked very even at first but Ewen definitely got the win by striking with some unanswered shots in the end. Ewen clear win)
Jeff Kealty (Milwaukee) — Shawn Wansborough (Las Vegas)  (Kealty and Wansborough went at it in front of the Milwaukee net. Jeff got his gloves off and tagged Shawn with 4-5 and the the refs came in because Wansborough never fought back and kept his gloves on. Kealty unfairly destroyed him) +
Jeff Staples (Milwaukee) — Ashley Buckberger  (almost)
Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas) hits Craig Darby (Milwaukee)  +
Richard Lintner (Milwaukee) hits Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas)  +
Richard Lintner (Milwaukee) — Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas)  (12:20 thrown punches. Very good scrap between two tough Europeans. Both defencemen landed some decent shots. Sryubko clear win, at the end he wrestles down and hammers laying Slovak)
Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas) boards Mark Mowers (Milwaukee)  (near Las Vegas net Mowers fall down and was hurt) +
Matt Henderson (Milwaukee) — Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas)  (Henderson want to punish Ukrainian, Henderson actually threw a few more but nothing really connected, the more experienced fighter Sryubko had a hard time getting loose and eventually gave up so that the linesmen could get in. Draw)

Milwaukee — Las Vegas  brawl (David Gosselin, Kay Whitmore, Richard Lintner, Jeff Staples, Jeff Daniels, Petr Sykora — Dean Ewen, Konstantin Simchuk, Scott Hollis, Chris Taylor, Luch Nasato, Taj Melson):
David Gosselin (Milwaukee) — Dean Ewen (Las Vegas)  +
Kay Whitmore (Milwaukee) — Konstantin Simchuk (Las Vegas)  (Whitmore didn't get the helmet off Simchuk at first and Konstantin had the advantage because Whitmore lost his helmet very quick. Simchuk landed some more and made takedown. Great goalie fight. Simchuk narrow win. Maybe best goalie fight of IHL 1998—1999) +
Milwaukee — Las Vegas  bench scuffle  +
Richard Lintner (Milwaukee) — Taj Melson (Las Vegas)  (almost) +
Petr Sykora (Milwaukee) — Chris Taylor (Las Vegas)  (almost) +
Jeff Daniels (Milwaukee) — Scott Hollis (Las Vegas)  (almost) +
Jeff Staples (Milwaukee) — Luch Nasato (Las Vegas)  (almost)

Jason Shmyr (Manitoba) — Peter Zurba (Las Vegas)  (25:25 thrown punches. What a great fight, they squared off near center and started tossing rights. Non stop toe-to-toe fight for about 15-20 seconds. Alot of the punches landed and it was Zurba who got cut up pretty bad. Shmyr landed with harder and better shots and took over late and Zurba got hammered. The refs came in to rescue Zurba, Shmyr win by TKO. One of the best fight of IHL 1998—1999)
Trevor Converse (Long Beach) — Dean Ewen (Las Vegas)  (Ewen brightly win by TKO)

Long Beach — Las Vegas  scrum (Mike Matteucci, Dmitry Leonov, Sean Tallaire, Jan Nemecek, Doug Ast — Dean Ewen, Phil Crowe, Lorne Toews):
Mike Matteucci (Long Beach) — Phil Crowe (Las Vegas)  (rough) +
Mike Matteucci (Long Beach) — Dean Ewen (Las Vegas)  (rough) +
Dmitry Leonov (Long Beach) — Phil Crowe (Las Vegas)  (rough) +
Sean Tallaire (Long Beach) — Lorne Toews (Las Vegas)  (rough) +
Dmitry Leonov (Long Beach) — Lorne Toews (Las Vegas)  (rough)

Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas) — Mike Matteucci (Long Beach)  (Matteucci made hard draw)
Sami Helenius (Las Vegas) — Claude Jutras (Long Beach)  (Helenius narrow win)

Las Vegas — Utah  brawl:
Tracy Egeland  -  ?  +
?  -  ?  +
?  -  ?  +
?  -  ?