IHL. Las Vegas Thunder 1998—1999 (Volume 2)

автор | 17 сентября, 2009
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IHL. Las Vegas Thunder 1998—1999 (Volume 2).  Продолжительность: 59 минут.

IHL. Las Vegas Thunder 1998-1999 (Volume 2)

IHL. Las Vegas Thunder 1998-1999 (Volume 2)IHL. Las Vegas Thunder 1998-1999 (Volume 2)

Funny moments
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas)  interview
Doug Doull (Michigan) — Brad Miller (Las Vegas)
Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas) nailed in the head with puck  (Kaminski stood in front of the Michigan net during the powerplay. His own teammate Petr Nedved rifled a shot that hit Kaminski right in the face. «Killer» went down immedeatly and there were lots of blood on the ice. After a few minutes he was escorted off the ice. Kaminski didn't play 29 games. He was also forced to wear a full face shield at his return)
Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas) — Gaetan Royer (Grand Rapids)  (55 sec. Sryubko clear win)
Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas) — Eric Perrin (Kansas City)  (almost. Happened behind the play. Kaminski who whore a full face shield started having a glove fight with Perrin. It was broken up by the referee alone)
Claude Jutras (Long Beach) slashes Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas)  (Jutras slashes Kaminski from behind on the arm, Kaminski falls down and hurtes) +
Claude Jutras (Long Beach) — Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas)  (Sryubko jumps Jutras to protecting his teammate. Sryubko landed a nice flurry of rights from the bat, Jutras got a hold of the arms of Sryubko and basically just held on for the rest. No doubt Sryubko won the scrap)
Claude Jutras (Long Beach) — Brad Miller (Las Vegas)  (Miller went at Jutras after the whistle and the two dropped their mitts. All Miller, he pounds away with around 10 unanswered rights and then Jutras took him to the ice. No big blows landed as Jutras still had his helmet on, Miller pounded mostly to the side or back of his head)
Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas)  goal 1.
Jason Shmyr (Manitoba) — Sami Helenius (Las Vegas)  (1 minute 15 sec. Off the faceoff in the Las Vegas end they went. Very long tussle, Helenius a bit more active early on but shows some horrible accuracy with his punches and only hits air. Shmyr pushed Helenius up against the boards and landed a few heavy blows. Helenius recovered and came back until the zebras jumped in between)
Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas) hits Shawn Penn (Fort Wayne)
Andre Roy (Fort Wayne) — Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas)  (rough. Kaminski hits Roy and gets a penalty for hi-sticking. He does his usual thing and tries to get Roy to the box with him. Roy gives him a light left glove to the face and goon Kaminski drops to the ice in a spectacular way. He succeeds and Roy recieves a minor for roughing)

Fort Wayne — Las Vegas  bench clearing brawl (Andre Roy, Lee Sorochan, Ed Campbell, Derek Wood, Robin Bawa, Shawn Penn, Bruce Racine — Dean Ewen, Kevin Kaminski, Andrei Sryubko, Jason McBain, Shawn Wansborough, Sam Fields, Konstantin Simchuk):
Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas) spears Derek Wood (Fort Wayne)  (as Wood was carrying the puck out of his own zone Kaminski struck him with a spear to the stomach. Wood stayed down a little while before he managed to get to his bench by himself. A scrum starts after this incident) +
Robin Bawa (Fort Wayne) — Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas)  (after the cheapshot a couple of players skated after Kaminski. Bawa was the most active one and he really tried to get at him. Too much players and refs are in the way and no fight between the two occures) +
Shawn Penn (Fort Wayne) — Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas)  (almost)  +
Ed Campbell (Fort Wayne) — Jason McBain (Las Vegas)  (almost)  +
Lee Sorochan (Fort Wayne) — Shawn Wansborough (Las Vegas)  (almost)  +
Derek Wood (Fort Wayne) — Dean Ewen (Las Vegas)  (almost)  +
Andre Roy (Fort Wayne) — Sam Fields (Las Vegas)  (almost) +
Andre Roy (Fort Wayne) — Dean Ewen (Las Vegas)  (almost)  +
Lee Sorochan (Fort Wayne) — Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas)  (almost)  +
Ed Campbell (Fort Wayne) — Dean Ewen (Las Vegas)  (almost)  +
Bruce Racine (Fort Wayne) — Konstantin Simchuk (Las Vegas)  (almost goalie fight)

Las Vegas — Detroit  brawl:
Shawn Wansborough (Las Vegas) — Alek Stojanov (Detroit)  (these two gets tangled up after the whistle, Stojanov sheds his mitts. Wansborough keeps his gloves on and holds his stick in his hand while Stojanov throws a right. The punch seemed to hit the glove of Shawn who put his hands up for protection, the refs went in after that punch and nothing further happened. Dean Ewen had some words for Alek afterwards) +
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas) — Alek Stojanov (Detroit)  (rough) +
Brad Miller (Las Vegas) — Alek Stojanov (Detroit)  (rough)

Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas)  goal 2.
Peter Zurba (Las Vegas) KO's Mike Yeo (Houston)  (Yeo and Zurba dropped the gloves beside the play and had a dandy. Zurba lands the first few and Yeo opens up to get in some of his own. Instead Yeo takes a couple of right bombs from Zurba and drops heavily to the ground. Yeo isn't getting up and the team doctor comes onto the ice)
Keith McCambridge (Long Beach) — Scott Hollis (Las Vegas)  (McCambridge is just too much for Hollis to handle. McCambridge dominates the scrap and drops Hollis to his knees with a right after a while. Hollis gets up again but eats another and McCambridge kind of lets up on him so the refs can intervene)
Chris Kenady (Long Beach) — Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas)  (Sryubko win by TKO, Kenady got his jersey over his head in the end. Sryubko handed out a bunch and possibly dropped Kenady with one)
Funny moments
Sami Helenius (Las Vegas)  interview
Darryl Williams (Long Beach) — Sami Helenius (Las Vegas)  1.

Long Beach — Las Vegas  brawl (Louie DeBrusk, Darryl Williams, Keith McCambridge, Chris Kenady, Mark Ferner — Sami Helenius, Peter Zurba, Dean Ewen, David Shaw, Jason McBain):
Darryl Williams (Long Beach) — Sami Helenius (Las Vegas)  2. (these two comes out from a scrum at center with their gloves off. Helenius throws all the punches while Williams goes in tight on him and holds on. Helenius pounds to the back of his head only and then they drop to the ice. No damage done at all but it's a clear win Helenius) +
Louie DeBrusk (Long Beach) — Peter Zurba (Las Vegas)  (almost)

Funny moments
Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas)  interview
Jason McBain (Las Vegas)  goal  +
goalie Ryan Bach (Long Beach) breakes his stick smashing the net

Long Beach — Las Vegas  bench clearing brawl (Louie DeBrusk, Claude Jutras, Dan Bylsma, Darryl Williams, Keith McCambridge, Chris Kenady, Mark Ferner, Patrik Augusta, Mike Matteucci, Dan Lambert, Sean Tallaire, Doug Ast, Jaroslav Modry, Jan Nemecek, Eric Manlow, Andy Roach, Nathan LaFayette, Dmitry Leonov, Ryan Bach, Manny Legace — Kevin Kaminski, Russ Romaniuk, Jason McBain, Sean Berens, Sami Helenius, Andrei Sryubko, Ryan Mulhern, Peter Zurba, Dean Ewen, David Shaw, Scott Hollis, Patrice Lefebvre, Randy Burridge, Lee Jinman, Taj Melson, Shawn Wansborough, Jean-Francois Jomphe, Trevor Roenick, Konstantin Simchuk, Petr Franek):
Mark Ferner (Long Beach) — Russ Romaniuk (Las Vegas)  (rough) +
Dan Bylsma (Long Beach) — Jason McBain (Las Vegas)  (rough) +
Louie DeBrusk (Long Beach) — Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas)  (rough) +
Claude Jutras (Long Beach) — Sean Berens (Las Vegas)  (rough)

Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas) — Steve Gosselin (Chicago)  collision (Gosselin falls down, medical coach goes him off the ice to the medical stuff)

Las Vegas — Houston  scrum (Sami Helenius, Stefan Ustorf, Jason McBain, Kevin St. Jacques — Mark Freer, Trent Cull, Paul Dyck):
Mark Freer (Houston) nails Stefan Ustorf (Las Vegas)  (Ustorf falls down, medical coach goes him off the ice to the medical stuff) +
Jason McBain (Las Vegas) — Mark Freer (Houston)  (rough) +
Sami Helenius (Las Vegas) — Trent Cull (Houston)  (rough) +
Kevin St. Jacques (Las Vegas) — Paul Dyck (Houston)  (rough)

Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas) — Jeff Christian (Houston)  (gloves come off near Thunder net, when Jeff Christian stays on. Sryubko protects his goalie and Ukrainian friend Konstantin Simchuk)
Shawn Wansborough (Las Vegas) — Trent Cull (Houston)  (Cull chases Wansborough around and starts to hammer away on him. Power forward Wansborough didn't want any part of toughguy Cull, turtled and was rescued by the referees)
Louie DeBrusk (Long Beach) — Chad Wagner (Las Vegas)  (Long Beach scores a goal, Las Vegas sends out Wagner for the ensuing faceoff, Long Beach counters with Debrusk and the two drops the gloves)
Funny moments
Chad Wagner (Las Vegas)  interview

Cincinnati — Las Vegas  scrum (Jeff Wells, Ed Patterson, Gilbert Dionne, Chris Joseph — Kevin Kaminski, Mike Wilson, Shawn Wansborough, Dampy Brar):
Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas) boards Jeff Wells (Cincinnati)  (Wells falls down, medical coach goes him off the ice to the medical stuff) +
Ed Patterson (Cincinnati) — Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas)  (rough)

Funny moments
Brad Miller (Las Vegas)  interview
Eric Dandenault (Cincinnati) — Lorne Toews (Las Vegas)

Cincinnati — Las Vegas  scrum (Eric Dandenault, Scott Morrow, Fred Knipscheer, Jeff Shevalier, Aaron Kriss — Sami Helenius, Andrei Sryubko, Russ Romaniuk, Bob Quinnell):
Eric Dandenault (Cincinnati) — Sami Helenius (Las Vegas)  (almost) +
Scott Morrow (Cincinnati) — Sami Helenius (Las Vegas)  (almost)

Eric Dandenault (Cincinnati) — Peter Zurba (Las Vegas)  (great toe-to-toe scrap behind the play. Zurba switching hands while Dandenault kept throwing with his right. Hard to declare a winner out of this if there ever was one)
Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas) — Brent Hughes (Utah)  (Hughes mostly held on in this quick fight. Sryubko the more active fighter, got in a few. Nothing big before Hughes pulled him to the ice)
Rob Zettler (Utah) cross-checks Shawn Wansborough (Las Vegas)  (Wansborough falls down, but no referee call)
Brad Miller (Las Vegas)  goal

Las Vegas — Kansas City  scrum (Sami Helenius, Taj Melson, Scott Hollis, Lee Jinman — Dody Wood, Jean-Guy Trudel, Eric Perrin, Nick Naumenko, Vlastimil Kroupa):
Sami Helenius (Las Vegas) — Dody Wood (Kansas City)  (they drop the gloves, Helenius throws some rights that don't land, Wood throws a couple of his own that don't seem to land either. They are against the boards now and wrestle, both maybe land one or two ineffective punches, then Helenius wrestles Wood down. Quite long fight but it was boring, nobody landed anything worth mentioning, mostly a wrestling match)

Jason Robinson (Cleveland) — Peter Zurba (Las Vegas)  (a few wild punches thrown by both near center ice. Pretty solid draw)

Las Vegas — Indianapolis  brawl (Andrei Sryubko, Sami Helenius, David Shaw, Shawn Wansborough — Remi Royer, Nathan Perrott, Frank Bialowas, Chris Herperger, David Hymovitz):
Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas) — Nathan Perrott (Indianapolis)  (rough) +
Sami Helenius (Las Vegas) — Frank Bialowas (Indianapolis)  (rough) +
Sami Helenius (Las Vegas) — Remi Royer (Indianapolis)  (1 minute. They square off right off the faceoff. Both start to throw some rights but the punches aren't landing. Helenius then lands a few to the back of the helmet. They wrestle and Royer answers with a right that knocks Helenius' helmet off. Some more rights from both but nothing lands. Royer switches to the left throws a couple that don't seem to land. Helenius still throwing rights and maybe hits the helmet with one. They grapple and both look tired now. Royer then with a flurry of rights but hard to see how many of them connect. Helenius with a few weak lefts that come up short, Royer with a right that might have landed, they grapple and linesmen finally get in. Long fight, lasted about a minute, Helenius clear win)

Dean Ewen (Las Vegas) — Nathan Perrott (Indianapolis)  (Perrott narrow win. Bad camera angle on this one, Perrott won based on the footage. No takedown in this fight)
Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas) — Patrik Stefan (Long Beach)  collision (this looked horrible. Kaminski came in with full force at center ice and was about to hit Stefan. But just before the hit Stefan lost his balance and Kaminski collided with him. Stefan seems to injure his head or upperbody while Kaminski injures his leg/legs. Both guys gets season-ending injuries. Both players falls down, medical coach goes them off the ice to the medical stuff)
Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas) — Claude Jutras (Long Beach)  (Sryubko clear win)
Peter Zurba (Las Vegas)  goal
Sami Helenius (Las Vegas) boards David Mackey (Orlando)  +
Sami Helenius (Las Vegas) — David Mackey (Orlando)  (1 minute 20 sec. Long fight of old veteran and big finn. They square off, then grab each other with their lefts. Helenius misses with 3 weak rights. Mackey cocking his right hand, then throws a few but nothing lands. Helenius answers and might have landed few on the helmet. They get in tight and wrestle for quite a while. Mackey tries to throw a couple weak rights, Mackey then with a couple more weak shots to the body and one to the helmet. Helenius misses with a left, then lands a short left to the side of Mackey's head/helmet. Mackey with a weak right to the helmet. They grapple, Mackey misses a couple, Helenius lands a weak one. Mackey throws 2 rights just before the linesmen get in, one might have landed. Very long fight, but not very exciting, mostly wrestling, not many punches landed and no quality punches landed at all. Toe to toe with lefts and rights)

Las Vegas — Utah  bench clearing brawl (Kevin Kaminski, Russ Romaniuk, Jason McBain, Sean Berens, Sami Helenius, Andrei Sryubko, Ryan Mulhern, Peter Zurba, Dean Ewen, David Shaw, Scott Hollis, Patrice Lefebvre, Randy Burridge, Lee Jinman, Taj Melson, Shawn Wansborough, Jean-Francois Jomphe, Lorne Toews, Konstantin Simchuk, Petr Franek — Rhett Trombley, Brent Hughes, Rob Zettler, Gord Dineen, Micah Aivazoff, Curtis Sheptak, Andy Roach, Mike Hough, John Purves, Brad Lauer, Don Biggs, Dave Archibald, Jeff Sharples, John Byce, Yan Kaminsky, Terry Hollinger, Rob Bonneau, Rod Miller, Scott Langkow, Steve Vezina):
Peter Zurba (Las Vegas) — Brent Hughes (Utah)  (almost) +
Brad Miller (Las Vegas) — Brent Hughes (Utah)  (almost)

Las Vegas — Utah  scrum (Lorne Toews, Luch Nasato, Ryan Mulhern, Ashley Buckberger, Taj Melson — Rhett Trombley, Brent Hughes, Brad Lauer, Rob Zettler, Andrei Lupandin):
Lorne Toews (Las Vegas) — Rhett Trombley (Utah)  (almost)