IHL. Las Vegas Thunder 1998—1999 (Volume 1)

автор | 17 сентября, 2009
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IHL. Las Vegas Thunder 1998—1999 (Volume 1).  Продолжительность: 1 час.

IHL. Las Vegas Thunder 1998-1999 (Volume 1)

IHL. Las Vegas Thunder 1998-1999 (Volume 1)IHL. Las Vegas Thunder 1998-1999 (Volume 1)

Brad Mehalko (Las Vegas) hits Brian Wiseman (Houston)
Trent Cull (Houston) — Dean Ewen (Las Vegas)  (they went at it in a minor slugfest early on. After some grappling Cull just holds on and Ewen controls the end very clearly. He didn't land overly much there, one nice right just before Cull got wrestled down sure hurt Trent though. Clear win Ewen)
Cam Stewart (Houston) — Brad Mehalko (Las Vegas)  (these two drops the gloves after some pushing and shoving at a faceoff. Both throws about 3 shots each, neither really connecting and then Stewart slams Mehalko to the ground)
Mick Vukota (Utah) — Brad Miller (Las Vegas)  (Miller gets off the first few here, a flurry of rights. Vukota comes back with one that probably landed, Miller with one to the side of Vukota before Mick made one of his more spectacular bodyslams)
Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas) hits Yan Kaminsky (Utah)  (Yan Kaminsky is about to transport the puck out of his own zone when Kaminski levels him from the side. It was a clean shoulder to shoulder hit. Kaminsky goes down and hits the ice surface face-first. Yan Kaminsky needed help off the ice and didn't play the rest of this game. He missed the next game aswell)

Utah — Las Vegas  brawl:
Rhett Trombley (Utah) boards Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas)  +
Rhett Trombley (Utah) — Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas)  (Trombley nailed Kaminski a bit from behind and Debrusk jumped Trombley, Rhett just turtled down while he took a few from Debrusk. Debrusk was ejected with 27 PIM) +
Rhett Trombley (Utah) — Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas)  (rough)

Colin Chaulk (Utah) — Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas)  (Chaulk gives Kaminski a cross-check, Killer goes back at him, drops his gloves and grabs Chaulk. Colin Chaulk didn't want any part of him and dropped to his knees as the linesmen got in between)
Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas) — Rhett Trombley (Utah)  (they went directly after a faceoff. Trombley kicked Debrusk off-balance as they grabbed on, very cheap. Debrusk got up again and both with a few ineffective blows until Trombley tackled Debrusk to the ice)
Funny moments
Mick Vukota (Utah) — Brad Miller (Las Vegas)  (not much at all, Miller with two punches. The first might have glanced Vukota at best, the second missed and Miller lost his balance. Vukota with one as he fell to the ice. Comic wrestling match)
Curtis Sheptak (Utah) — Dean Ewen (Las Vegas)  (Sheptak hung in there ok until the end were he got his sweater over his head, and Ewen gave it to him. Ewen decisive win)
Rob Zettler (Utah) — Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas)  (it was a pretty crappy fight at first, Zettler just held on and Debrusk gave him a few to the side. When Zettler tried to answer with a right he got nailed with a right from Debrusk, down went Zettler. DeBrusk win by KO)
Brad Miller (Las Vegas)  goal 1.
Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas) slashes Kaspars Astashenko (Cincinnati)  +
Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas) — Eric Dandenault (Cincinnati)  (Dandenault came in and defended Astashenko from Debrusk here. They tried to get free but neither did. Debrusk wrestled Dandenault to the ice and win)
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas) — Eric Dandenault (Cincinnati)  (Dandenault and Ewen both threw some shorter ones, mostly hitting helmets. Linesmen came in when both players appeared to just holding on and waiting. Draw)
Brad Miller (Las Vegas)  goal 2.
Drew Bannister (Las Vegas) — Todd Hawkins (Cincinnati)  (Bannister got off to a bad start here. Hawkins gets him in a firm grip around his neck and throws him around. Hawkins throws 2 uppercuts and they go to their knees, up they go again and Hawkins continues to work him over with rights. Bannister takes some more and goes to his knees and the refs come in. Hawkins fought this fight perfectly and Bannister didn't throw a punch)
Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas) — Eric Boulton (Houston)  (55 sec. Long fight, but it was mostly grappling. Draw)
Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas) — Eric Boulton (Houston)  (1 minute 10 sec. They had each other tied up too well to do any damage, DeBrusk was more active, but not any quality shots landed. Still a narrow win for Louie)
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas)  goal 1.
Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas) — Trent Cull (Houston)  (they went just in front of Houston net. They trade a few rights and then Debrusk throws Cull around and finally puts him down)
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas) — Jason Shmyr (Manitoba)  (Ewen gets 4 PIM, agressor Shmyr gets 14 PIM for throwing nasty punches over linesmen)

Las Vegas — Manitoba  brawl (Andrei Sryubko, Dean Ewen, Sami Helenius, Trevor Roenick, Shawn Wansborough, Scott Langkow — Jason Shmyr, Mike Ruark, Jimmy Roy, Michael Stewart, Rhett Gordon, Christian Bronsard):
Shawn Wansborough (Las Vegas) — Jason Shmyr (Manitoba)  +
Scott Langkow (Las Vegas) — Jason Shmyr (Manitoba)  +
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas) — Mike Ruark (Manitoba)  +
Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas) — Jimmy Roy (Manitoba)  (Ukrainian heavyweight clear win, Jimmy Roy only tied-up)  +
Trevor Roenick (Las Vegas) — Michael Stewart (Manitoba)  (Stewart wildly hammered!) +
Scott Langkow (Las Vegas) — Christian Bronsard (Manitoba)  (almost goalie fight)  +
Sami Helenius (Las Vegas) — Rhett Gordon (Manitoba)  (almost)  +
Sami Helenius (Las Vegas) — Jason Shmyr (Manitoba)  (almost)  (an ugly brawl that involved coaches, spilled over into the stands and between penalty-boxes and involved coaches, the Manitoba defeated the Las Vegas, 4-2. With 10 seconds left, Manitoba enforcer Jason Shmyr (Manitoba) precipated the mess, attacking little Shawn Wansborough. Shmyr was whistled for an instigator, a fighting major, a misconduct and a game misconduct. While wearing a cast on his hand, he fought Las Vegas tough guy Dean Ewen (Las Vegas) between penalty-boxes. Referee Tim Norquay called 10 game misconducts after the melee, which resulted in 164 penalty minutes and a 15-minute delay. Before the puck is dropped, Shmyr changes wings with Jimmy Roy, so he can line up with Wansborough. Soon as the puck is dropped, Shmyr starts shoving him. Las Vegas win the face-off and it goes into their end. The crowd roars, and the camera moves back to centre ice, where Shmyr and Wansborough are going. Everyone else is pairing off, but it's just Shmyr and Wansborough for now. But when Shmyr starts to pound Wansborough with rights, Las Vegas goalie Scott Langkow comes flying in with an overhead right and nails Shmyr with several sucker-shots and knocks him down! The three go down to the ice and that's when it really gets going. Then we pan over to Shmyr, who's standing up on the dasher board in the penalty-box, yelling at a few Las Vegas players on the ice. By now both benches are yelling at each other. This draws the linemen over. Las Vegas assistant coach and a Las Vegas player are leaning against the glass exchanging words with Mike Ruark and Michael Stewart. When Ruark leans closer, the Las Vegas player gives him a little poke. Ruark tries to go after him, but by now both linesmen are there between the benches, and one forces him down the alleyway. Suddenly, in front of the Manitoba penalty-box, Sami Helenius (Las Vegas) decides to try to throw a few punches at Shmyr. They both end up jumping in the air on either side of the glass, throwing punches at each other! Kind of funny actually. The ref grabs Helenius and pushes him back and into the Las Vegas penalty-box while they keep yelling at each other. A few fans started throwing stuff at the Las Vegas bench, and security had to come in and keep order)

Matt Mulhern (Kansas City) slashes Brad Miller (Las Vegas)  (Miller whacks Mulhern to the back of his legs, Mulhern turns around and swings his stick wildly at Miller. It didn't look like he hit Miller, Brad skates up to him and wants to fight. Mulhern makes a spearing-motion with his stick and then the gloves come off) +
Brad Miller (Las Vegas) — Matt Mulhern (Kansas City)  (Miller wins this one handily, he throws about 6-7 punches at Mulhern who only responds with one and then goes for the hug on Miller to end it)
Sami Helenius (Las Vegas) — Dave Chyzowski (Kansas City)  (Chyzowski threw 3 from the start but only hit helmet or came up short. Helenius then came at him with his big reach and pounded a few times on the helmet until he fell backwards to the ice)
Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas) — Dody Wood (Kansas City)  (40 sec. The bigger Sryubko controlled this fight and gets narrow win)
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas)  goal 2.
Keith McCambridge (Las Vegas) — Brian Sullivan (Houston)  (McCambridge and Sullivan square off after the whistle. Both righties starts to throw as they grab on. Sullivan ends up short while McCambridge tags Sullivan with 2-3, one sends the helmet flying. McCambridge continues with a bunch of more unanswered shots, mainly overhands that doesn't seem to connect very well. Sullivan falls by his own in the end)
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas)  goal 3.
Funny moments
Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas)  interview
Brent Hughes (Houston) — Brad Miller (Las Vegas)  (Hughes hangs in there well but Miller has too much size and reach on him. In th end it looks like Miller drops Hughes to his knees with a couple of big rights. Miller win by TKO)
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas) — Dody Wood (Kansas City)  (50 sec. Right at the opening faceoff. Ewen thrown more plus made takedown)
Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas) — Marty Melnychuk (Kansas City)  (along the boards they fought for a brief moment. Melnychuk fell too quickly. Debrusk threw a few rights to the back of his helmet)
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas)  goal 4.
Petr Nedved (Las Vegas) — Dody Wood (Kansas City)  (rough)  +
Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas) — Dody Wood (Kansas City)  (Wood was roughing it up with one of the Thunder so Debrusk came flying from the side to fight Wood)
Jan Nemecek (Long Beach) hip-checks Trevor Roenick (Las Vegas)
Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas) — Frederick Jobin (Long Beach)  (Debrusk ends up short with one and Jobin answers with a couple that isn't even close to land. They hug and wrestle for the rest of the scrap and Debrusk dumps Jobin later on to the ice)

Las Vegas — Long Beach  brawl:
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas) cross-checks Sacha Molin (Long Beach)  +
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas) — Frederick Jobin (Long Beach)  +
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas) — Claude Jutras (Long Beach)  (almost)  +
Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas) — Mike Matteucci (Long Beach)  (almost)

Las Vegas — Long Beach  brawl:
Scott Hollis (Long Beach) nails Petr Nedved (Las Vegas)  +
Jean-Francois Jomphe (Las Vegas) — Scott Hollis (Long Beach)  (Hollis puts a big hit on Nedved and Jomphe comes in to rough him up. It looks like Jomphe wants to fight Hollis but when Scott drops his gloves Jomphe turtles) +
Petr Nedved (Las Vegas) — Scott Hollis (Long Beach)  (rough)

Louie DeBrusk (Las Vegas) — Mike Matteucci (Long Beach)  (Matteucci and Debrusk fights outside of Thunder bench. Matteucci tries to trade punches with Louie but Debrusk quickly takes over and hammers him. Big win for Louie, linesmen had no trouble separating the two)
Brad Miller (Las Vegas)  goal 3.
Claude Jutras (Long Beach) boards Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas)  +
Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas) — Claude Jutras (Long Beach)  (17:2 thrown punches. They go behind the play in Long Beach zone. Sryubko quickly gets the sweater over the head of Jutras and also manages to get his right arm out of his sleeve, the end result is Jutras getting pounded and the zebras coming in to protect him. Sryubko decisive win)
Sami Helenius (Las Vegas) — Claude Jutras (Long Beach)  (this fight goes on for a while and the smaller Jutras performs well and it's a draw or maybe even edge Claude until he decides to turn away from Sami. Helenius got his arm out of the sleeve and Jutras then just turned and skated away from him, Helenius followed after and pounded the back of a turtling Jutras. At the end Helenius wildly hammered from behind and KO'd)
Brad Miller (Las Vegas) — Chris Kenady (Long Beach)  (Kenady skated up and just threw his gloves off and Miller followed as the play went on elsewhere. Miller lands one right and follows up with another couple that misses, Kenady then takes the easy way out and goes for the takedown)
Andrei Sryubko (Las Vegas) — Mike Matteucci (Long Beach)  (decent bout between two righties here. Matteucci fell 4 times during this fight but Sryubko allowed him back up both of the times. In the final stage of this bout Sryubko tries to slip out of his jersey but Matteucci senses the danger and wrestles him down instead)

Las Vegas — Long Beach  brawl:
Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas) — Patrik Augusta (Long Beach)  (Kaminski was about to start something in the final minutes. He plays pretty ruthless with his stick on Augusta. They came together after a slash from Kaminski, the sticks gets up and Kaminski wrestles Augusta down. A big pile of players joins in)  +
Taj Melson (Las Vegas) — Sean Tallaire (Long Beach)

Kevin Kaminski (Las Vegas) hits Kelly Fairchild (Michigan)  (this wasn't a really spectacular hit, but Fairchild got hurt because of it. Fairchild was about to play the puck at his own blueline when Kaminski leveled him. He didn't manage to get up on his own and was helped off the ice)
Dean Ewen (Las Vegas) — Mel Angelstad (Michigan)  (1 minute 30 sec.)