CD 138 (Jaromir JAGR highlights)

автор | 25 апреля, 2009
рубрики CD

01) Czech warriors (summary of fights, scrums, hits, goals of Czechia team on Olympic games, World championships)
02) Czechia — Canada  brawl (World Cup)
03) Lokomotiv — Avangard  bench clearing brawl (2005, Jaromir Jagr participant this fight)
04) Jaromir Jagr as Santa Claus (Jagr funny video)
05) Todd Fedoruk takes out his anger on Jaromir Jagr (after Fedoruk gets a penalty he wasn't happy about, he saw a open hit on a NHL super star)
06) Florida — Pittsburgh  brawl (Jaromir Jagr elbows Peter Worrell, Peter Worrell — Garth Snow, Olli Jokinen — Michal Rozsival)
07) Italian hockey compilation (Jaromir Jagr played in Italian championship in Bolzano, NHL-lockout season 1994-95)
08) Brooks Orpik kills Jaromir Jagr
09) Jarkko Ruutu gets match-penalty for boarding Jaromir Jagr, instigates a scrum (Olympic Games-2006)
10) Jarkko Ruutu bumps off Jaromir Jagr, then both of players has the smiles (Jarkko Ruutu hits Jagr, but rebounds off him and he smiles... Comic episode)

11) Jaromir Jagr «loves» Jarkko Ruutu, Jagr throws some kisses at Jarkko Ruutu (after a conversation Jarkko Ruutu nails Jaromir Jagr with nasty cross-checking)
12) Ales Kotalik didn't even hits Jaromir Jagr (Jagr is acting like he recieved a big hit. Kotalik barely touched him!)
13) Sean Avery destroys Nathan Paetsch, sets up Jaromir Jagr (Sean Avery destroys Nathan Paetsch, then sets up Jaromir Jagr for a goal) (10-03-2008)
14) Mike Komisarek hits Jaromir Jagr (03-02-2008)
15) Mike Komisarek destroys Jaromir Jagr
16) Mats Sundin uses his body on crybaby Jaromir Jagr during 1999 playoffs (Mats Sundin completely dominated Czech superstar Jaromir Jagr in the 1999 playoffs. In this moment Sundin levels Jaromir Jagr with kneeing)
17) Dainius Zubrus hip-checks Jaromir Jagr (27-04-2007)
18) Darius Kasparaitis nails Jaromir Jagr (12-05-1993)
19) Montreal — New York Rangers highlights (including Jaromir Jagr hit)  (12-01-2008)
20) Jaromir Jagr collides with his teammate, Jagr was killed!  (NHL 1997—1998)
21) Derian Hatcher elbows Jaromir Jagr
22) 3 Messier elbows, 1995-96 playoffs (Pittsburg's Petr Nedved, Jaromir Jagr and Neil Wilkinson all receive an elbow from Mark Messier. Jagr and Wilkinson was killed!)
23) Jaromir Jagr almost killed Sean Avery
24) Steve Eminger boards Jaromir Jagr
25) Jaromir Jagr — top 10 (Jaromir Jagr and 10 of his most spectacular goals)
26) Top 10 Pittsburgh Penguins players of all-time (version 1)
27) Top 10 Pittsburgh Penguins players of all-time (version 2)
28) Top 10 Mike Lange calls (Pittsburgh Penguins announcer, Mike Lange's top 10 calls)  (version 1)
29) Top 10 Mike Lange calls (version 2)
30) Jaromir Jagr top 10 (in Pittsburgh Penguins)
31) Top 10 NHL shootout goals (including Jaromir Jagr)
32) Top 10 NHL pre-season goals (including Jaromir Jagr)
33) Top 10 Jaromir Jagr goals
34) Top 10 goals while falling (including Jaromir Jagr)
35) Jaromir Jagr — playoffs 2007—2008 goals (every goals)
36) Jaromir Jagr and Peter Forsberg compilations (2 of the best europeans)
37) Jaromir Jagr — regular day at work! (Jagr scores 3 goals vs Philly)  (22-03-2006)
38) Jaromir Jagr is simply the best (compilation with Tina Turner soundtrack «Simply the best». Most this clip is Russian SuperLeague goals of 2004—2005)
39) Best of regular season 1999—2000 (including Jaromir Jagr goals)
40) Best goals from the first half of NHL 2006—2007 (including Jaromir Jagr goals)
41) Top 10 best NHL goals (including Jaromir Jagr goals)
42) Jaromir Jagr tribute
43) Top 20 NHL draft picks from 1990 (compilation)
44) Best comeback of the decade Rangers — Canadiens 5-6 final (best comeback of our time. Habs come back from a 5 goal deficit to beat the Rangers)
45) Jaromir Jagr compilation
46) Best of Jaromir Jagr
47) NHL hits, saves and goals — The best of the best (including Jaromir Jagr)
48) 1970—2008 best hockey goals ever seen (more 50 amazing goals)
49) Jaromir Jagr highlights
50) Penguins — Rangers highlights: game 4 2008 playoffs
51) Pittsburgh Penguins 1994—1995 «A season to celebrate» (part 1)
52) Pittsburgh Penguins 1994—1995 «A season to celebrate» (part 2)
53) New York Rangers 2007—2008, flashback
54) Pittsburgh Penguins 1992—1993 «A portrait of courage» (part 1)
55) Pittsburgh Penguins 1992—1993 «A portrait of courage» (part 2)
56) Pittsburgh Penguins 1992—1993 «A portrait of courage» (part 3)
57) Pittsburgh Penguins 1992—1993 «A portrait of courage» (part 4)
58) First round of boygenius88's NHL hockey competition = compilation  (including Jaromir Jagr, Alexander Ovechkin, Yevgeny Malkin, Jarome Iginla, Niklas Lidstrom, Zdeno Chara, Yevgeny Nabokov, Henrik Zetterberg, etc.)
59) Jaromir Jagr's goal — Omsk 2005 playoff (skating through the whole rink to fool the goalie. game: Omsk — Magnitogorsk, Russian playoff 2005, this was the winning goal in overtime)
60) Jaromir Jagr watches Alexei Cherepanov's tragic death (final minutes of Alexei Cherepanov's life)  (13-10-2008)
61) Jaromir Jagr All-star game winners (2009, Moscow, Russia, KHL All-star game, Russian block players Yashin — the non-Russian block players Jagr, in a high scoring, clean game)
62) Tripping and scoring in KHL All-star game (Jaromir Jagr)
63) KHL. 1st Jaromir Jagr's goal at KHL (Avangard Omsk — Metallurg Magnitogorsk — 6:0)  (10-09-2008)
64) Jaromir Jagr tribute
65) First Jaromir Jagr game in KHL (Avangard — Ak Bars 2:4)
66) Jaromir Jagr 1st KHL commercial
67) Avangard — SKA, Jaromir Jagr goal 2-1
68) CSKA — Avangard, Jaromir Jagr goal (11-10-2008)
69) KHL. Ray Emery vs Jaromir Jagr & Jakub Klepis (Atlant — Avangard)  (14-01-2009)
70) Jaromir Jagr goal in play-offs KHL 2009 (Avangard — AkBars)
71) Jaromir Jagr goal (Avangard — SKA)
72) KHL. Torpedo — Avangard goals (20-01-2009)
73) Jaromir Jagr — need a hero (his NHL seasons highlights)
74) Jaromir Jagr Avangard goal against Traktor
75) Jaromir Jagr highlights, Avangard — Dinamo Riga (16-01-2009)
76) Avangard Jaromir Jagr (KHL highlights)
77) Jaromir Jagr Avangard assist
78) Jaromir Jagr — agent 068 (in Avangard summary)
79) Jaromir Jagr highlights 1995—1996
80) Straka-Nylander-Jagr highlights (nice goals by one of the greatest lines in NYR history)
81) Jaromir Jagr Penguins highlights (several of Jagr's greatest goals as a Pittsburgh Penguins)
82) Superstar highlights from the IIHF World Championships, part 1 (including Jaromir Jagr, Dominik Hasek, Igor Larionov)
83) Jagrmeister (Jaromir Jagr compilation, tons of career highlights and dangles)
84) Jaromir Jagr with speed (azmazing highlights of Jaromir Jagr)
85) Few old Jaromir Jagr goals
86) Jaromir Jagr = NHL 2006—2007 goals
87) Jaromir Jagr power play goal
88) 1993 NHL playoffs Islanders — Penguins, game 1 (highlights of game one of the historical Patrick division final series)  (02-05-1993)
89) 1993 NHL playoffs Islanders — Penguins, game 4 (highlights of game four of the historical Patrick division final series)  (08-05-1993)
90) 1993 NHL playoffs Islanders — Penguins, game 7 (highlights of game seven of the historical Patrick division final series)  (14-05-1993)
91) Jaromir Jagr's goal on WC 2004 (Jagr's goal on World Championship in Prague 2004)
92) Jaromir Jagr's 600th NHL career goal
93) Shanahan and Jaromir Jagr 600 goal ceremony (ceremony held at Madison Square Garden on december 19, 2006 celebrating Brendan Shanahan and Jaromir Jagr attaining the 600 goal mark in NHL 2006—2007)
94) Jaromir Jagr goal (Jaromir Jagr scored against Washington Capitals in game 4 1996, QF)
95) Jaromir Jagr scores a nice goal against Ed Belfour of the Blackhawks in the 1992 Stanley Cup final)
96) Jaromir Jagr's OT goal vs Devils (1991 Patrick semi final, game 2)
97) What a goal by Jaromir Jagr vs Capitals (1995 eastern cof. quarter final, game 5)
98) Jaromir Jagr scores to win (in double over time, Nylander gives it to Hossa, who gives it back to Nylander, who passes it to Rozsival, who then shoots, Jagr deflects it, and the game is over)
99) Jaromir Jagr in Czech League 2004—2005 (Jaromir Jagr scored 3 goals and 1 assist against HC Znojmo in Czech Extraliga. It was a start of NHL-lockout season 2004—2005)
100) Great moments in Pittsburgh Penguins history (greatest moments and players in Pittsburgh Penguins history. Goals, assists, hits by Sidney Crosby, Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Paul Coffey, Ron Francis, Kevin Stevens, Larry Murphy)