CD 102 (Yevgeny MALKIN highlights)

автор | 5 апреля, 2009
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01) Yevgeny Malkin hits Michal Rozsival (14-01-2008)
02) Yevgeny Malkin boards Chris Phillips + brawl (including almost fight Yevgeny Malkin — Daniel Alfredsson) (01-02-2008)
03) Yevgeny Malkin = hits & fights
04) Ovechkin tries to hit Yevgeny Malkin — Capitals at Penguins (21-01-2008)
05) Alexei Kovalev hits Yevgeny Malkin (at the day when Randy Jones has been hitting Patrice Bergeron, Alexei Kovalev did almost the same with Pittsburg Penguins's Yevgeny Malkin. Sidney Crosby was trying to pay Kovalev back, but referees could protect Montreal's player) (scrum)
06) Brendan Witt hits Yevgeny Malkin
07) Anton Volchenkov gets hit with shot in face (Anton Volchenkov gets puck in face & great save by Gerber. The shot is a slapshot from Yevgeny Malking at the top)
08) Yevgeny Malkin got hit by Brendan Witt (24-11-2006)
09) Sandwich of the game — Yevgeny Malkin on Mike Richards (02-10-2008)
10) Mike Richards buries Yevgeny Malkin and Malkin scores goal after (9th May. Malkin had 2 goals and assist and Richards had 2 goals)

11) Yevgeny Malkin hits Alexander Ovechkin
12) Yevgeny Malkin best goal and highlights
13) Yevgeny Malkin — Derian Hatcher rag doll (08-02-2007. Hatcher tries to hit Malkin but the crafty Russian ducks and makes Hatcher wipe himself out)
14) Last minutes of game New Jersey — Pittsburgh (Brian Rafalski — Yevgeny Malkin, Mark Recchi hits Zach Parise as Parise is going off, Erik Rasmussen hits Recchi, Colby Armstrong elbows Brad Lukowich to the head) (08-03-2007)
15) Brendan Witt hits Yevgeny Malkin (25-11-2006)
16) Sidney Crosby and Yevgeny Malkin collision (14-01-2008)
17) Ryan Malone and Yevgeny Malkin — Derian Hatcher and Scott Hartnell (scrum) (10-02-2008)
18) Sykora hits Osgood & scrum ensues (Petr Sykora of the Pittsburgh Penguins hits Chris Osgood of the Detroit Red Wings. May 26, 2008) (заваруха с участием Малкина)
19) Yevgeny Malkin highlights from NHL 2006-07 and 2007-08
20) Great moments in Pittsburgh Penguins history (some of the greatest moments and players in Pittsburgh Penguins history. Goals, assists, hits by Sidney Crosby, Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Paul Coffey, Ron Francis, Kevin Stevens, Larry Murphy, Mark Recchi, Yevgeny Malkin, Ulf Samuelsson and more)
21) Yevgeny Malkin — Greg Campbell + scrum (29-12-2007)
22) Anton Volchenkov gets hit (Volchenkov gets hit in the face with a Yevgeny Malkin slap shot in game one, round one of the 2008 playoffs)
23) NHL goals, hits and saves (goals from: Kovalchuk, Vanek, Malkin, Cole, Gionta, Spezza and Yashin. Hits from: Neil, Ladd, Ballard, Erksine and Lapointe. Saves: Roloson, Ward, Boucher, Caron, Sabourin and Lehtonen)
24) Yevgeny Malkin superman goal
25) 2007—2008 Pittsburgh Penguins fights (№№11-18) (Laraque-Barch fight, Armstrong-Ballard scrum, Roberts-Smid scrum, Roberts-Regehr fight, Laraque-Godard fight, Malone-Cooke hit, Laraque-Cowan fight, Malone-Smith rough, Laraque-Eager penalty box talk, Laraque-Eager fight, Roberts-Eager fight, brawl, Whitney-Carter fight, brawl, Armstrong-Hartnell abuse, Crosby-Biron rough, Laraque-Biron rough, Malkin, Letang)
26) Sidney Crosby and Yevgeny Malkin highlights
27) NHL 2007-08 dangles, snipes, hits and saves (Sam Gagner, Daniel Briere, Anze Kopitar, Henrik Zetterberg, Jonny Toews, Brian Gionta, Martin Brodeur, Rick Nash, Alexander Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, Yevgeny Malkin, Alexander Semin, Pierre-Marc Bouchard, Eric Christiansen, Vinny Lecavalier, Martin St.Louis, Danny Heatley and more)
28) Pittsburgh Penguins 2007—2008: hits, fights and goals
29) Yevgeny Malkin highlights (shots, goals, hits and passes)
30) Top 10 Pittsburgh Penguins hits = 2007—2008
31) NHL 2008—2009 (start) highlights
32) Pittsburgh — Philadelphia, playoffs game 1 summary (09-05-2008)
33) Penguins review of 2008-09 season opening games
34) Pittsburgh Penguins — Youth Gone Wild (highlights from NHL 2006—2007. Best goals, saves and hits)
35) Ryan Malone, Yevgeny Malkin — Aaron Ward, Chuck Kobasew, Tim Thomas) (scrum)
36) Pittsburgh Penguins highlights (Sidney Crosby, Yevgeny Malkin, Jordan Staal, Ryan Malone, Kris Letang and other Penguins players with great goals, hits, and assists)
37) Pittsburgh Penguin 2007—2008 compilation
38) Pittsburgh Penguins highlights
39) Get ready for the 2007-08 Pittsburgh Penguins
40) Top 10 NHL 2007—2008 goal scorers
41) Experience the evolution (Pens goals, save and hits from NHL 2006-07)
42) Pittsburgh Penguins 2007—2008 highlights
43) Pittsburgh Penguins passing play
44) Yevgeny Malkin slew-foots Mara, Gonchar — Rozsival (possible slew-foot attempt by Yevgeny Malkin on Paul Mara. Mara wasen't happy about it and raced towards Malkin after the goal by Jagr. Round 2 — game 4 — 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs Pittsburgh Penguins — New York Rangers, May 1st, 2008)
45) Yevgeny Malkin elbow
46) Yevgeny Malkin drops the gloves = no fight (Pens-Sens 15-04-2007)
47) Yevgeny Malkin skate in face, Crosby-Backman-Letang-M.Staal (New York Rangers at Pittsburgh Penguins. March 30, 2008. Malkin gets Dubinsky's skate in the face. Backman and Crosby shove. Letang and M. Staal fight. Malkin was bleeding a bit)
48) Crosby tries to fight Backman, funny cartoon version (30th March: Sidney Crosby tries to fight Christian Backman after Brandon Dubinsky cuts Malkin with skate, and then fight Kris Letang — Marc Staal. Malkin was bleeding)
49) Toronto — Pittsburgh fight (Colby Armstrong sticking-up for Yevgeny Malkin)
50) NHL goals and saves (goals from Hossa, Malkin, Kovalev, Jokinen and more)
51) Pittsburgh Penguins 2007—2008 goals (games 1-20)
52) Pittsburgh Penguins 2006—2007 highlights
53) Dany Heatley scores in NHL premiere and a Malkin deke (Ottawas Dany Heatley scores against Pittsburgh Penguins in the NHL-premiere in Stockholm at October 4th 2008. But the video starts with a nice hit by Yevgeny Malkin)
54) Pittsburgh Penguins highlights (Sidney Crosby, Yevgeny Malkin, Jordan Staal)
55) Top 10 NHL 2007—2008 goals (goals from Malone, Spezza, Vermette, Malhotra, Datsyuk, Crosby, Malkin, Afinogenov, Toews, Ovechkin)
56) Malkin & Pens games 1 to 7 (Yevgeny Malkin highlights = start of NHL 2007-08)
57) Pavel Datsyuk highlights + top 10 NHL goals (amazing Alexander Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, Yevgeny Malkin)
58) Top shootout goals (NHL 2007-08)
59) Pittsburgh Penguins 2008, Stanley Cup highlights
60) Pittsburgh Penguins (March-April 2008) highlights
61) Yevgeny Malkin highlights
62) Yevgeny Malkin highlights
63) Yevgeny Malkin first NHL goal (18-10-2006)
64) Yevgeny Malkin highlights
65) Sidney Crosby and Yevgeny Malkin highlights
66) Sidney Crosby and Yevgeny Malkin highlights
67) Sidney Crosby and Yevgeny Malkin highlights
68) Yevgeny Malkin highlights (team Russia)
69) Yevgeny Malkin highlights (Russian Superleague 2003—2006)
70) Yevgeny Malkin commercial
71) Yevgeny Malkin gets injury
72) Yevgeny Malkin 2004-05 & 2005-06 highlights (Metallurg Magnitogorsk)
73) Yevgeny Malkin highlights
74) Sidney Crosby and Yevgeny Malkin compilation (Crosby's 200th assist, Crosby's 300th point, Crosby's 100th goal, Malkin's 200th point All in one night! 4 point night for both Crosby and Malkin)
75) Yevgeny Malkin highlights
76) Yevgeny Malkin first NHL season (rookie season in the NHL. Pittsburgh Penguins 2006-07)
77) Yevgeny Malkin highlights (Moscow 2007) = WC-2007
78) Yevgeny Malkin highlights
79) Flyers goalie Biron lost stick and Malkin makes him pay (Ryan Malone and Geno Malkin help make the Flyers lose it! 2-0 first period, on to 6-0 shutout victory)
80) Yevgeny Malkin cheapshots (2008 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, game 4, Round 2, New York Rangers — Pittsburgh Penguins. Yevgeny Malkin giving away 2 for 1)
81) Yevgeny Malkin highlights
82) Sidney Crosby gets nailed, Yevgeny Malkin comeback (Chris Phillips suckers Crosby and doesn't get called. Malkin is so heated he actually throws down, which is a rare thing, yet Malkin gets thrown out for protecting Crosby)
83) 2008—2009 Pittsburgh Penguins goals (games 8-15)
84) Yevgeny Malkin. Pittsburgh — Ottawa series (all Malkin points in 4 play-offs games)
85) Happy birthday to Crosby and Malkin
86) Yevgeny Malkin highlights
87) Yevgeny Malkin highlights
88) Yevgeny Malkin highlights
89) NYR — Pittsburgh: 4 Malkin penalty shot (Malkin gets a breakaway, gets pushed from behind, there is a penalty shot called, but the play goes under review to see if the puck went in before the net was dislodged)
90) Yevgeny Malkin awesome goal vs New Jersey (Martin Brodeur) (24-10-2006)
91) Pittsburgh Penguins 2006—2007 highlights
92) Pittsburgh Penguins highlights (Stanley Cup finals 2008)
93) Young guns (in the 2006—2007 regular season Pittsburgh Penguins were led in goalscoring by Sidney Crosby (36), Evgeny Malkin (33) and Jordan Staal (29). They were respectively 19, 20 and 18 years old)
94) 2007—2008 NHL Hart Trophy finalists highlights (Jarome Iginla, Yevgeny Malkin and Alexander Ovechkin are nominated for the hart trophy given to the NHL's MVP)
95) Yevgeny Malkin's 1st hat trick in the NHL
96) Penguins — Senators (from Stockholm, Sweden) (04-10-2008) (Yevgeny Malkin gets a shorthanded goal to give the Penguins a 2-1 lead in the 2nd period)
97) Yevgeny Malkin highlights
98) Yevgeny Malkin highlights
99) Yevgeny Malkin highlights
100) Pittsburgh Penguins highlights